Player Gamer’s Ball #14: Ultra Street Fighter IV should go Next-Gen

KJ thinks Ultra Street Fighter IV should go next-gen. There’s some noticeable issues that have come up, Many involving SF x Tekken. (more…)

Duke Nukem Forever Review

Real Talk By: Emilio

Duke Nukem’s return has been a long time coming, and after 12 years of hopes being raised, shattered and revived, Nukem Fans rejoiced when the release date of Duke Nukem Forever had been announced. Duke Nukem tries to save the world from aliens who want to kidnap all the women, apparently for the second time. This First person shooter may have gotten a lot of bad reviews, but for me it wasn’t that bad. Continue reading “Duke Nukem Forever Review”

NBA 2K11 Video Review

After last years title, it’s evident that NBA 2k has started to show a little wear and tear. Now with 2k11 releasing, can the Greatest ball player of all time bring the series back to championship status. Find out as TLR steps on the court with Mr. 23 himself. (more…)

Three Reasons Why NBA Is Not Elite

Real Talk By: KJ

NBA (Live) Elite 11 is upon us, and we played the demo just like you. I walked away from it feeling pretty disappointed. Many of its promises that were stated months back were not executed. Three major things stuck out for me, that 2012’s version must address. If the issues are not resolved by next years title, consider the hoop war over. Continue reading “Three Reasons Why NBA Is Not Elite”

Halo Reach Review

Real Talk By: KJ

First off, I wanted to wait to review this game, so I didn’t catch myself in the hype of everything Halo. I wanted to thoroughly Play through Bungie’s “last” Halo using great criticism and that patented real life, so the review wouldn’t be tainted. Well, I have to tell you that This game is truly great in every aspect of the word. This is the best Halo game ever made. Continue reading “Halo Reach Review”