The Top 10 Greatest Wrestling Games of All Time

Real Talk By: KJ

Wrestling Games have been smacking-down consoles and arcades alike.  There has always been an option for fans.  Being a feller who watches weekly and has played many (good and bad) of the genre, it’s time to weigh-in.  Before that music hits, and we walk down the ramp, here is some honorable mentions: Continue reading “The Top 10 Greatest Wrestling Games of All Time”

WWE 2K14 Review


Real Talk By: KJ

Here is the first WWE title officially underneath the 2K branding. 14′ is a game that ill admit, seemed like the same game. Continue reading “WWE 2K14 Review”

WWE 2K14 Season Pass Features Big E Langston, Fandango, and legends

The release is close, but 2K has already announced who and what will be in this year’s season pass. We’re surprised The Wyatt Family and Curtis Axel are all missing from the game. Community creators will most likely fill the void. This entire pack will be $19.99

Are you getting the Season pass?

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The Ultimate Warrior Needs His Own Game

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

If you know anything about pro-wrestling in the 80’s, then you’re probably at least as old or older than me. If not, you should know that it was filled with over-the-top characters, ridiculous beefs, and tons of steroids, much like many gyms around the nation. Continue reading “The Ultimate Warrior Needs His Own Game”

WWE 12′ Video Review

Wrestling game fanatic KJ steps into the ring to take on The WWE reboot. Is 12′ simply a name change, or has business really picked up? At this point THQ’s grappler has started to run out of gas, so a fill up is certainly in order. (more…)

Trailer of The Week 1/17/11

This Wrestling arcade fighter has the best of both worlds. The top stars of Wrestling’s past and present collide. Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton and even Kofi Kingston are on deck. WWE All-Stars looks like it will be old school fun. Speaking of the Continue reading “Trailer of The Week 1/17/11”