WWE 2K15 Video Review: Can You Really Feel it? (PS4, XO)

2K is on its own for the first time. Were they able to fix some of THQ’s lingering problems? Is it a good game? KJ Reviews The latest WWE offering. All you have to do is bolieve! (more…)

WWE 2K15: All Day

John Cena is not only the cover star of 2K15, but the game’s soundtrack has been hand-picked by him also. Its been a while since he has stepped into the booth. Cena recorded a new track titled “All Day” which features Wiz Khalifa. I will say that the production is tight on this one. Nice sounding 8-bit noises in the background. John’s delivery was pretty good, but the lyrics could have been better. Since he’s been on such a long music hiatus, personally I was expecting more. WWE 2K15 drops tomorrow on PS3 & Xbox 360. PS4 & XO November 18th, 2014.

What do you think about “All Day”?

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