WarGods Retro Review (PS1, N64, PC, Arcade)


Real Talk By: KJ

Published By The Original house of Mortal Kombat (Midway Games) it’s a 3D Fighter known as WarGods. Lets clarify from the Start. The MK crew had nothing to do with this game. Did that help or hurt this forgotten fighter? This is the story of WarGods ripped from the PS1 Instruction booklet: “Billions of Years ago, a being from a distant galaxy was transporting a precious cargo of life-giving Ore. The turbulent formation of our solar system caused his ship to crash, scattering Ore over the molten surface of planet earth. through the millennia, ten humans came into contact with The Ore and were transformed into Super-Evolved Warriors. These Are the WarGods!”. Aside from the game’s amazing endorsement, all the characters are pretty bad.

Each god badly represents various cultures and ideas. There’s an Egyptian themed character known as Anubis, a Japanese fighter named Kabuki Jo. Then there’s Warhead, an-ex government soldier and a walking nuclear bomb. He and the Ore have become one. Cy-5 is a cyborg who makes annoying robotic sounds when being hit, looks homeless. Possibly the worst character in the game.

Pictures of real people were put on full 3D Polygons. You can appreciate the art direction when holding in the side step button and getting more angles on the action. For this time period, it will do. While the game even boasts about the Sidestepping on the back of the box, it’s ultimately useless. Slow and often times will cause you to lose a match. The sound isn’t great either. Bland music, terrible grunts and celebration noises from the cast. A dull game announcer adds to the frustration.


You can tell they were going for the Mortal Kombat vibe. Gameplay does indeed feel like Mortal Kombat, minus the polish. Though the moves are simple, none feel natural to do. Wargods is the definition of clunky. Continuing in the MK rip-off vein, players can pull off Fatalities. These are rather entertaining, yet hollow since the rest of the experience is dull. Even in two player mode nothing changes. It’s just another person who has to play this train-wreck of a fighter.

Arcade Mode, and Options are the only choices on the disk. Not even a traditional Versus mode. The player must press start to join. With that being said, you can’t pick any stage you want unless a cheat code is entered before a match. Why make things so difficult guys?

The Playstation One Era featured a variety of Classic Fighting games which are still being played to this day. Tekken 3, Bloody Roar II, King of Fighters titles, Street Fighter Alpha 3. The list goes on. This arcade port is nothing more. No extra features at all. A effortless cash-in on the legacy of Mortal Kombat. Sucked then, and it still stinks up the place now. Possibly play one time to laugh, then send it packing.

WarGods Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit

+Solid Fatalities

What’s Perpetrating

-Everything else

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