Eyes-On With The Oculus Rift


Real Talk By: KJ

Once we hit the graphical plateau in gaming, what’s next? Most likely Virtual Reality/Holographic styles of play. It’s crazy to think about. Yes we’re seeing the earliest stages in action already. But, Im talking about the day these items get out into the public. When they are as polished as the current gaming consoles. Well, I take a look at one of the most popular peripherals today: The Oculus Rift.  Continue reading “Eyes-On With The Oculus Rift”

Level-Start EP5: Free to Play The Movie, Games for Windows Live and more GDC news


In this latest episode, I deliver the real talk you need. We’re talking about the ‘Free to play Movie’, Oculus Rift has a Dev Kit 2, Rodina makes an impression, and we dive down memory lane with Halo Posters. All this and more on this episode of Level-Start.