Final Fantasy 7 Remake Video Review: High Quality Action


Koerri Elijah breaks down what could possibly be the most anticipated remake in history! Here is our review of The Final Fantasy 7 Remix. Continue reading “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Video Review: High Quality Action”

Kim’s Vid Blog: Release Your Aggression

Real Talk By: Kimulus

Hey gamers, its me Kimulus, and I am here to share a link with you all. Are you bored with your Street Fighter? How about creating your own ultras…and use them in real life?! The peeps at RivenX3I seems to have done this! They created their own ultra combos to use in real life.  All Street Fighter fans will appreciate this vid especially if you are getting tired of seeing the ultras from Super Street Fighter 4. Check out the vid after the break. Continue reading “Kim’s Vid Blog: Release Your Aggression”