What’s Good? Week of 5/24/17


Real Talk By: KJ

No spoilers here, but I certainly enjoyed Samurai Jack Season 5.  Love how all the story elements tied together.  The perfect blend of action, comedy, and stunning art.  My DVR was jam-packed with Martial Arts Content.  Surprise hit Into The Badlands had its finale as well.  Talk about some explosive fight scenes. Happy to hear AMC picked it up again, with 16 Episodes to boot.  Also, Dragon Ball Super Continues to sizzle.  Things started a bit slow, but I’m glad to have stayed with it.  Far as gaming is concerned, My Shopping Cart was heavy, yet my wallet was barely touched.  I took full advantage of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale.  Grabbed several goodies at absolute bargain prices. Continue reading “What’s Good? Week of 5/24/17”