Monthly High Scores I December 2013


Were not only ranking the best Game, and Trailer,  but other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade cabinet. MMA Fans were stunned by the events of UFC 168. We may have just seen the last fight of a legendary warrior. A 19-year-old was involved in an Xbox One scam, and Gran Turismo returned. Take one last look back at 2013.

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman (UFC 168) 600000PTS


It was the leg kick heard around the world. The long anticipated rematch between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva, for the UFC Middleweight Championship finally happened. The first round went to weidman, but the second ended in one of the most shocking finishes ever. Silva was starting to build momentum in the fight, landing solid strikes. Then out of nowhere, Anderson injured himself. The kick he threw at weidman was checked. Nothing out of the ordinary in MMA. Unfortunately, as the strike was deflected, Silva broke his leg in half. This was absolutely gruesome. Since were talking about the greatest fighter of our time, its kind of big deal. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Game of the Month Gran Turismo 6 500000PTS


Tracks, and more tracks. Specialty missions were added. Players can drive on the moon. In Space! While there is micro-transactions, the pricing is more reasonable than it’s Microsoft Competitor. The replay value is through the roof because of unlock-able content. A generous amount of Cars are packaged in. Gran Tursimo 6 is an all around smoother bundle. Much improved menu screens. Load times, are faster. Its clear polyphony listened to the GT5 complaints. This is our pick for game of the month.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale 400000PTS


Season 6 was another critical event. Deaths continued to rack up as the show prepares for its final season. We were left with a massive cliffhanger, than won’t be resolved until September 2014. I’m still in shock from ending scenes of this season. Jax’s main goal was to get his crew out of gun running. The problem, outside business partners weren’t comfortable with the move. Gangs will battle. We look forward to the mayhem.

Anchorman 2: The legend Continues 300000PTS


This Comedy could have failed miserably. The Hangover sequels left a bad taste in our mouths. Relying heavily on jokes from the original, and never really treading new ground. Thankfully, Anchorman 2 never went that direction. There are many jokes constantly being thrown your way. The movie demands a second viewing. While there are references to the first film, a lot of fresh material awaits moviegoers. We recommend it. Whammy!

Trailer of the month Titanfall 200000PTS


Three types of titans were revealed this month. Their clips combined, makes our Trailer of the Month. Check out the Altas, Ogre, and Stryder machines featured in the Titans Three article. Expect the respawn developed game to launch on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC March 11th. Will this game live up to the massive hype?

Xbox One Picture Scam 100000PTS

lol19-year-old Peter Clatworthy, was robbed of $750. He was trying to buy an Xbox One for his son. What he didn’t know is that he was actually spending his cash on a picture. That right folks. The image isn’t even really that great. The colors are distorted. Shameful. They could have at least laminated the thing. Peter was still able to have a great Christmas. UK Game retailer CeX gave him an XO on the house. Dear Ebay shoppers, please look before you leap.

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New ‘EA Sports UFC’ footage

Reported By: KJ

Here’s the video from EA’s Gamescom presentation. See how great the UFC is as a company, or just fast forward to the 5:30 mark. That’s where Business picks up. Is that really Jon Jones? Nope, it’s the impressive new ‘Ignite’ engine at work. Keep in mind this is only the pre-alpha footage. UFC is expected to release in Spring 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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It’s a Contradiction: UFC and EA’s Partnership

Real Talk By: KJ

At the end of the day business is business, it’s not truly personal when a bunch of different parties are getting paid. At this year’s E3, Dana white announced that EA Sports has bought THQ out of their license to design UFC games. If you can recall a few years ago, Dana approached EA to do UFC titles, but back then they shut him down. Continue reading “It’s a Contradiction: UFC and EA’s Partnership”

MMA VS UFC 2010: Which Game Is Better?

Real Talk By: KJ

While both games are actually quite similar in design, what separates them from each other? We do believe the claims that UFC Dana White made about EA, but it doesn’t really affect the consumer either way. It’s actually beneficial to us. competition is good, just ask anyone that made NBA 2K11. Continue reading “MMA VS UFC 2010: Which Game Is Better?”