Gaming’s Top 5 Ninja

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

Fruit Ninja.  The Ninja blender.  Despite supposedly being stealthy, Ninjas are seemingly everywhere nowadays, and they’re not leaving anytime soon.  The Ninja movie boom, kicked off from actors like Sho Kosugi in the 80’s,  started a huge worldwide interest in the Ninja as a sort of cult hero figure, and gaming definitely noticed.  Here today at Play Legit, we’re going to count off the Top 5 Ninjitsu Warriors in Gaming. Continue reading “Gaming’s Top 5 Ninja”

Top 5 Wario Games

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Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Wario is one of Nintendo’s most unusual characters to come out of their lineup.  Since his first appearance in 1992 he has captured our hearts with his mischievous, cunning nature.  Since his appearance he has been the center of over 20 games, created several of his own series including WarioWare, and made appearances in numerous Mario titles. Continue reading “Top 5 Wario Games”