The Division Review: Quarantined Combat

Real Talk By: KJ

You control a custom Division agent sent by the government to clean up messes quickly and efficiently.  A virus released into the city of New York, causing a mass quarantine.  Various audio and video logs found help the player get a better grasp on the situation.  However, many could be considered throwaway.  Continue reading “The Division Review: Quarantined Combat”

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

In this edition of Old School Sundays, we look back at the Tom Clancy game that started it all. It’s a Book/Video Game crossover. This wasn’t your typical run and gun either. You took control of the Rainbow 6 squad strategizing a game plan to complete missions. This was a punishing game, that featured (perma-deaths) but a rewarding experience at the same time. What memories do you have of this classic? It’s available now for download on the PlayStation Network.

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Tom Clancy 1 (2)