What’s Good? Week of 8/17/17

Real Talk By: KJ

Sonic Mania is a quick rush of 90’s magic.  From the visuals to stellar music included, this has caught the attention of many.  Critics and fans alike are enjoying Sonic’s return to form.  I completed the game, so be on the lookout for our  review coming very soon. Sonic Forces has big competition.  PlayStation is leading the charge this week with easily the strongest new release lineup. Continue reading “What’s Good? Week of 8/17/17”

What’s Good? Week of 8/9/17

Real Talk By: KJ

Hey people, we love hearing from you.  Come hangout with us! Inside our Discord server, you’ll find general discussions about everything awesome in the gaming universe:

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Ninja Theory’s PS4/PC title Hellblade is here.  Wes’ review is almost complete.  He’s been having some major issues with it thus far.  Have you purchased the game yet?  We keep hearing mixed thoughts concerning this Norse Mythology-based title.

Here’s an Old Goodie.  To Celebrate The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility of Toe Jam and Earl, let’s check out Ms. Throwback’s Review of SEGA’s classic duo.

What’s Good? Our Play Legit Picks are Highlighted.

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