The Division Review: Quarantined Combat

Real Talk By: KJ

You control a custom Division agent sent by the government to clean up messes quickly and efficiently.  A virus released into the city of New York, causing a mass quarantine.  Various audio and video logs found help the player get a better grasp on the situation.  However, many could be considered throwaway.  Continue reading “The Division Review: Quarantined Combat”

Trailer of the Week: Top 3 Trailers from E3!

Real Talk by: StephO

E3 2013 has come and gone, and many trailers, teasers, and game play demos have come and gone with it. Here are a few trailers that are not to be missed (or are worth watching again!) Let us know what your favorite E3 trailer was in the comments below!

Top 3 Trailers from E3: