Is This The “Definitive” Tomb Raider?

Real Talk By: KJ

As mentioned in the Video, Lara’s Character Model was completely updated for the PS4 and Xbox One Consoles. More Lighting effects, increased resolution overall. But, her hair is what’s truly impressive. Each strand flows realistically.  I know you’re sold already, but we’re not done. Croft’s gear has its own physics. Different items like her Bow, Arrows, Pistol, and Radio, will move and shake as she roams the island. So at the very least, Tomb Raider’s Next-Gen Leap isn’t half-Baked like Assassin’s Creed IV or Call of Duty Ghosts. Still, we’re talking about $59.99 for a game many of us have already played.

The Campaign was epic, but the multiplayer was absolutely forgettable. This could be the saving grace for folks buying the game at full price again. Eidos may have went back to the online drawing board. Could this part have been improved? Considering games are still very scarce on next-gen, it would really keep folks occupied until more titles arrive. Solid Network Play is the only way I’m coming back, but we would like to hear from you.

Are you Paying $59.99 for The “Definitive” Version of Tomb Raider?

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