Diss or Download: Lost Reavers & Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

These particular games are “free”, but are they worth your time?  Fun fact, both titles revolve around treasure hunting.  It’s the Diss or Download. Continue reading “Diss or Download: Lost Reavers & Uncharted: Fortune Hunter”

Pokken Tournament Review: Evolved Fighting

Real Talk By: KJ

I respect the Pokémon fan base, and fully understand its popularity.  Personally, i have had a hard time getting into the series.  Played and enjoyed Pokémon Red, but that’s far as it went.  There were rumblings of an experiment.  Namco x Nintendo would join forces, combining this popular series with the Tekken fighting engine.  Would this combo work? Have I seen the light? Enter Pokken Tournament. Continue reading “Pokken Tournament Review: Evolved Fighting”