NBA PlayGrounds Review: A Different Jam

Real Talk By: KJ

Arcade Fun returns! It’s been a few years since NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Released.  Even longer since EA has given us any kind of NBA Street.  Saber Interactive is stepping-in with NBA Playgrounds.  The house of Shaq-Fu 2 brings us a 2v2 sports game available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Characters are limited at the start.  Open Card Bundles, and reveal new players.  Progression through Playgrounds unlocks Gold Tiered Packs.  The results are always random.  Repeat cards will garner experience points.  Playgrounds doesn’t force fans to pick team-specific lineups, freely pick whoever.  As of this writing 150 athletes can be unlocked.  Not all marquee players (Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant), but there’s still a solid amount of throwback and new school participants.  Shaq and Allen Iverson lead the charge. Continue reading “NBA PlayGrounds Review: A Different Jam”