Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Dreamlist

Real Talk By: Brian DK

Super Smash Bros Ultimate launched for the Nintendo Switch just a few days ago, but Nintendo wasted no time building up the hype for the game’s DLC. At the Video Game Awards, just before Smash Ultimate’s launch, it was revealed that Persona 5’s Joker would be joining the already massive star-studded Smash roster. Continue reading “Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Dreamlist”

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Review: Making History


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

The long-awaited fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series is finally here for the Nintendo Wii U.   A few weeks back we reviewed the recently released Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS.  Two different smash brothers for two different systems?  Never in the history of mankind could we have imagined Nintendo doing such a thing, but they did and it is truly epic.  There are a couple of fun perks to picking up both titles and registering them at Nintendo’s website. They will send you a double CD of the original soundtrack, and a free download code for the first DLC of character Mewtwo.

In the last 3DS review I mentioned the fighting style hadn’t changed from the original formula.  This still holds true for the Wii U version except the player can choose between an array of different controller variations.  Wii U gamepad, remote, Wii remote and nunchuk, classic controller, pro controller, 3DS, and Gamecube controller can all be used while playing Super Smash Bros. For Wii U.  The original Gamecube controllers are by far the most fluid for me just because of how much I played SSBMelee when it released on the Gamecube.  To use a GCN controller you must use an adapter that you can either buy separately, or which comes with the Super Smash Bros. For Wii U bundle.  The bundle includes the game, a special edition Gamecube controller, and the adapter.   If the Gamecube controller wasn’t your style, or you are playing the game for the first time, a myriad of controllers are at your fingertips.  Not only is the controller type as customizable as it could possibly be, but you may also customize the button scheme and save it under your own name and avatar so that each time you play the game the controller setup is specific to you.  When it comes to controls, there is nothing left to complain about.

While the modes and character lineup are nearly identical in both versions of SSB, there are some exclusive features to each.  The Wii U features high-definition graphics that are by far the most crisp depth driven visuals in the series.  It also allows for up to eight players simultaneously during local play. This large amount of characters on-screen limits the stage selections to just the larger stages but again, this is something we appreciate because eight players on a tiny stage would just become frustrating and the game would lose its challenge.  Smash Tour, Event mode, and Special Orders are also exclusive modes to the title.  Smash Tour is a board game like mode where players can gather a team of fighters to earn power ups.  Special Orders helps you earn power ups through a series of challenges with Master Hand and Crazy Hand. It has also been announced that these Wii U exclusive features will also be changed slightly in later updates to the game.

Like the 3DS game, The Selection of Modes seem to be unlimited.

Another exclusive feature of the Wii U SSB is the Amiibo toys which can be purchased separately.  12 initial Amiibos are available with a second wave coming early December.   These accessory toys can be trained and personally customized however the player sees fit.  When setting up your Amiibo you will choose a name and outfit for them.  They can be given equipment that you acquire by unlocking it in the game.  You can then train your Amiibo to learn tactics as you play.  To further enhance your own fighting skills, you may also choose to fight against it, which in turn is you fighting against yourself.  This creates a challenge that is unique to each player and will enhance each players skill with that character.

All 49 characters with 15 new characters are still available in this title.  That will only grow larger as DLC becomes available in the coming months.  In the 3DS review I talked about how impressed I was with the new options of Wii Fit Trainer and Little Mac.  With a sixty-inch television and my choice of personalized control, I have come to realize some of the other new characters are just as amazing.  Bowser Jr. and Robin from the Fire Emblem Awakening game.  As usual in this title, the color skin of the character can be changed before the battle starts.  While this usually means you can choose between a pink, brown, black, or purple outfit, for Bowser Jr. it means you can choose between an array of all the Koopa Kids.  Changing your skin on Bowser Jr. actually lets you choose between Larry, Wendy, Ludwig, Iggy, Lemmy, and my favorite Morton.   No matter the skin, the general fighting style for the Koopa Kids is the same.  It’s nonsensical and hilarious.  Bowser Jr. will shoot out of his vehicle into the air and come falling back down with his hands and feet grabbing at the air uselessly.  He also has the ability to shoot a lazy canon at his opponents but if you’re too far away, it just poops out before it even reaches its destination.  Robin is a more serious fighting character with a tight-knit style.  Male and Female versions of Robin can be chosen by changing skins as well.  Her attacks are sword or magic based, and I find this character to be useful when you are playing with people who tend to come in for the kill.   She is great for standing her ground when someone is coming at her.

“Show me your HD Moves!”

The stages of the game have always been just as important as the characters and there is no holding back in this version.  There are 43 stages in the Wii U version ranging across all the playable characters worlds, some of which the player must unlock.  Many of the newer stages are intensely interactive and all of them are stunningly beautiful.   Stage Builder allows players to create personalized stages as well, so that once again, the fans past, present, and future of SSB Wii U, don’t have to hold back anything.

With the customization of characters through the Amiibo toys, stages through the Stage Builder, with the skins on certain characters, and the amount of controls you can hook up and personalize to you, there is no end in sight to the amount of fun that can be had from Super Smash Bros. For Wii U.  Locally up to eight players can get in on the mayhem, meaning your whole family is able to play this through holiday get-togethers, without fighting over who is taking turns.  The announcement of DLC that includes more characters and maps only makes it that much more mouth-watering.  The fighting is balanced and the modes are endless.  I have never seen so much effort wrapped up in a single (dare I say), perfect, package.  This one is for the history books.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Gets


5 Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Visuals and sound

+49 characters, 43 stages, and endless items

+Well balanced and versatile fighting styles

+Ease of online play

+Customize control schemes and characters

+Amiibo Features

+7 options for controller use

What’s Perpetrating?

-If you find something…Let me know.

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Ohio Game Developer Expo 2014: The Aftermath

So the Ohio Game Developer Expo 2014 was an absolute blast. Here are some awesome pictures from the event.

We were placed right between the entrance, and exit. Awesome Gamers grabbed our flyers and wristbands. The Play Legit Zone featured a Playstation 3 that people could play while hanging-out with us. Games on tap were: Virtua Fighter 5, Bloody Roar 2 (The Kids loved this one), SoulEdge, Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi (for the sake of comedy), King of Fighters 96, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, and DiveKick. Montage stuff played on the other screen. This Included A big Photo Gallery (Featuring every single person from the site) Mario Kart 8 Highlights, and a pure video montage featuring review clips from Trucker Ninja, T42 and I. Some Just Dance 2015 footage Mo Chocolate recorded at Comic-Con, and HecG breaking down The Forza Horizon 2 demo.

Folks scanned our homepage QR Codes too. J. Valdez would hold it down on day two with his picture-taking abilities. There were a lot of unique titles that came out of this year’s expo. We will be discussing our highlight picks very soon. As Valdez pointed out, there is a lot of local talent emerging from this state, and the surrounding ones as well. Gaming is a global affair. It’s only getting bigger from here.


Luigi gets Smashed

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Luigi was confirmed yesterday in the Nintendo Direct broadcast, as a playable character in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. While it isn’t much of a surprise, the announcement mainly has us thinking big. What other fighters will make it in? We can confirm that not all the smash vets will return.

If you could bring back a character from the past who would it be? Tell us @PlayLegit

Monthly High Scores I June 2013


The Play Legit Fam is ranking not only the Game of the Month, and Trailer,  but other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade cabinet. Who Earned the most points? See where everything landed. Check out the Monthly High Scores of May 2013.

Coming out of a major E3, this was the month for gamers. New consoles, games, and price tags. Yippee!

High Score Winners: Xbox One and PS4 Consoles


J. Valdez mentioned: “There are a lot of games, a lot of open world games, a lot of new IP’s. And they didn’t cater to the casual crowd. MGS, The Witcher, Quantum Break, Ryse, Titanfall, Halo (even though it was just a teaser), Spark, and many more.” It will retail for $499 It’s a good thing the DRM policy was removed.
Since they MS fixed their hot mess, Sony is going to have a much harder time racking up sales. Still, the PS4 will only cost $399, and offer many of the same things the Xbox one is pushing. This holiday season gamers are going to have a tough choice to make indeed. Two companies competing, is our benefit as we look forward to the big list of games dropping on both systems. For more on our thoughts about these consoles and their games check out our E3 coverage.

Game of The Month: The Last of us


KJ: Mo Chocolate Reviewed The Last of us giving it a perfect score. This game pushes the envelope in storytelling. It did include multiplayer which many have enjoyed, but the campaign is what really shines. The interactions between Joel and Ellie are fantastic. She made this game an instant classic for many players, with her unexpected courage shown in the darkest of situations. An absolutely superb cast, and top quality voice acting added to the immersion of the zombie adventure. To put it simple, if you own a PS3, this is a must play. Check out Mo’s review right here to see why.


Man of Steel


KJ: The child of Krypton has come back to theaters. Director Zack Snyder gets the job done. This was a blockbuster that delivered on action, which was sorely missing from Superman Returns. Finally sequences I’ve imagined as a kid, are coming to life. The man of steel is receiving the treatment he deserves. No meteor-ized fake villains, or super babies in this one. Just pure awesomeness. Russell Crowe’s performance of Jor-El was one of our favorite things about this flick. If the action in Justice League is like this, sign us up! By the way, did you catch some of the Easter eggs sprinkled in the movie?


Killer Instinct (Finally) Returns!


KJ: I said with excitement “The Rare brand is finally being revived, and with authority. The trailer shows a hand full of characters: Jago, Glacius, and Saberwulf. Every single pixel in this demo is rendered with beautiful detail. The wear and tear in the stage itself, to the character models, it all looks great. Notice how fluid the character movements are. The famous theme music can be heard, along with the amazing announcer voice gamers have grown accustomed to.” It’s been a Super long time coming, I’ve grown tired of MS sitting on this tremendous Rare brand. Great to see at least one franchise is off the bench.

Trailer of the Month: Super Smash Bros. E3 Trailer

Trailer fo the Month
StephO: This was one of the Top 3 Trailers from E3 and just had to be Trailer of the Month! Three new characters have been announced so far: Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Mega Man!!! The new Smash Bros. game will be available in 2014 for Wii U, while a cell shaded looking version will be available for the Nintendo 3DS.


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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

If you haven’t been to the world of Animal Crossing yet you are missing out to say the least. It’s not just a hyped up version of farmville, it’s a full on social experience, not only with the people you meet online and through local play on the Nintendo 3DS, but also through the characters that live in your town.  Animal Crossing is something that has grown close to Nintendo and the hearts of Nintendo fans. Features of the game were in Super Smash Brothers for the Wii, with various items and music being tossed into the void and many players were ecstatic about them. This round Nintendo is giving us a full on playable character in Super Smash Brothers for Wii U dubbed “the villager”, but what’s all the hype? There have been four versions of Animal Crossing spanning from Gamecube to the current 3DS version, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. While the Gamecube version sucked me in and the original DS version created an addiction, the Wii version was one of the most disappointing first party games on the Wii system. AC is meant to be a completely social experience inside and outside of the online world. The DS brought that and the Wii version swept the rug out from under us. When I found out New Leaf would be on the 3DS I knew it was the right choice.

AC is a game that should be carried around and played in small increments for a long time, the perfect scenario for a handheld system, but how did New Leaf stack up not only against its predecessors but against other games on the system? First we have to overview, AC is a completely open-ended game, what happens in the game depends on the player. The theme of the game is that your character is traveling to a new town that needs a mayor. When you arrive you don’t even have a place to stay. Thankfully your good friend Nook gives you your first home, a tent. Until you are able to take out your first loan of bells (the currency in the game.) you are condemned to live out of a tent only big enough for you to turn in.  One of the main components of the game is building your house. Nook will allow you to take out bigger and bigger loans on your home to make your first floor bigger, create a second floor, or even a basement. Thankfully when you build your first home it comes with electrical work and the touch screen allows you to flip a switch and turn on the lights. What’s a giant house if you can’t put anything in it though?  Now that’s an Animal Crossing specialty. Items, items, and more items! There is no end to the things you can do with the hundreds of items collected throughout the game. One of your main goals is to fill your home with items that show your own spunk and personality.

There is an unspoken competition throughout the online community on who harbors the most unusual house. Collecting themes of furniture will earn you credibility with townspeople and with the happy home academy, a judging body that decides where you are on the point scale when it comes to how awesome your home decor has become. Beside furniture, items in the home can be interactive, making for a fun and fantastic place to show your friends and store some other items, speaking of other items. Did I mention the items are endless? Besides what you can put in your own home you can collect various things to better your town. When the game starts out and you arrive in your town each town has their own special fruit. If you travel to other towns however, you soon learn that  there’s a dozen fruit trees, growing out there waiting for you to bring back to seed your own town. As you collect more fruit you can grow trees in your town by planting that certain fruit in the ground. This can be beneficial in many ways, sometimes your townspeople are more happy if they have a certain type of fruit, and you earn more bells for selling fruit at the various shops if it isn’t something that normally grows in your town. Take care with some exotic varieties though, they can only be grown in certain areas of the town such as the beach. Fruit isn’t the only thing that makes your town a more happy place. Dig up fossils, net yourself an insect, cast a pole for fishing, collect paintings, call townspeople on your megaphone, shoot random present floating on balloons out of the sky, shake a tree for money or furniture or fruit or bees! visit the city to go to the posh clothing shop, the plant nursery, deliver mail, visit and drop off offerings at the museum, upgrade your home, or even have an evening out clubbing. If you still don’t have enough to do connect online with a friend and ride the motorboat over to the island where you’ll find a completely new realm of insects and fish, and have a scuba diving adventure while you’re there. Don’t forget while you’re doing everything for yourself that your townspeople expect you to take care of them.


Visit the town hall to enact ordinances that make your townspeople rich, your town more lush with beautiful vegetation, or make your people night owls or early birds. During your visit to the town hall you can also carry out civil projects like a second bridge over your river, or a second story to the museum, and while we are spewing all this legit-ness I can tell you that I haven’t even come close to finishing the game because if I waited until I had done every single thing the game had to offer I’d be writing this review two years from now.  To experience the entire world of New Leaf you have to play for enough time to visit all the seasons and visit during all the hours of the day.  Depending on the time of day or year new items, people, or goals are available. The only issue I had with the game was initially getting online.  Apparently this has been a known problem and Nintendo may be working to fix it.  unfortunately the game has a hard time getting past some people’s routers to actually connect forcing the player to turn the router off or tell the router that the DS and AC New Leaf are okay to go through the router.  unfortunately this is something that some people can’t or don’t eve know how to do.  This is a one time problem fortunately, and while it’s a huge issue to solve, once it is solved, the player never has to worry about it again.  The online play itself is amazing, and being able to connect with people real-time and see how different their experience is than yours is part of what makes everything about AC so amazing.

There isn’t another game out there now that I can think of that gives me the same feeling as bartering one item for another during my visit to another town. Gathering hilarious or edgy outfits and showing them off to your peers is another awesome feature of being able to play wirelessly.  At one point my character had a Midna helmet, links hero shirt, some rocking pants with patches, and striped socks with no shoes.  While I was running around like a viking my partner in crime sported a rainbow plaid ensemble with an angels halo.  with so many clothing items in the game the competition is endless.  You can also snap a picture at anytime during the game and share your experience with people you meet. It really saddens me that I can’t give this game the perfect score it deserves.  This is the best Animal Crossing to date and I can’t even think of anything that would make the series any better at this point.  There is a happy mixture of interest for players who have never played the game before and players who are veterans.  There has never been a game like Animal Crossing: New Leaf and it’s hard to make a game with the theme that a child would love and still pull in the hardcore audience.  Getting the game to initially play online was so frustrating to me that I have to knock points off.  In the end of ends though this game is a system seller and a game that anyone should pick up and play.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Endless amounts of items

+Beautiful visuals and music

+Extremely fun interactions with the environment / characters

+Online play

What’s Perpetrating?

-Getting the town online at first was a pain

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