Mortal Kombat X Review: Who’s Next? (XO, PC, PS4)

It is the moment of truth. KJ reviews Mortal Kombat X. Earthrealm and Outworld clash yet again. It’s future warfare! Despite aggressive pay-walls and roster adjustments, is there a great time to be had at launch? KJ covers all angles, and gives his brutally honest opinion. Continue reading “Mortal Kombat X Review: Who’s Next? (XO, PC, PS4)”

Ranttable: Our Favorite Mortal Kombat Characters Ever

In its long history, the world of Mortal Kombat has brought us everything from Wizards, Man-Dragons, Drunken Fighters, Demons, to even Robots. Yes this is a franchise not afraid to try new things.  We see that even to this day in MKX.  The Play Legit Crew decided it was time to finally unveil our favorites. Continue reading “Ranttable: Our Favorite Mortal Kombat Characters Ever”

Play Legit’s Rap Cypher 2.0 Is On The Way

Play Legit Rap Cypher 2.0

The First Rap Cypher featured in the Play Legit Comedy Special, was more traditional to the namesake. Black and White display, old school hip-hop inspired. While were not changing up on the hard-hitting lyricism (We can’t do that!), this time its going to be in full color. Continue reading “Play Legit’s Rap Cypher 2.0 Is On The Way”