Monthly High Scores I April 2014

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Reported By: KJ

April 2014 was movie domination. Bikes revved up, and worlds were saved. See what earned Game of the Month/Trailer, along with other happenings in the world of entertainment. Who landed on the Arcade Cabinet with the highest score?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 500000 Points


When possibly one of the best Marvel Superhero movies of All time drops, it has to be recognized. The Winter Soldier stays connected to The Avengers, but still has its own important story. New heroes and Villains all had a great amount of screen-time. How about those action scenes? The PG-13 rating was pushed to the limit. Explosions, deaths, and carnage all around. Shield was comprised and our hero, framed. Cap 2 delivered on all fronts, and was the most talked about piece of entertainment from April. On a side note, if Falcon isn’t in Avengers 2 im going to be “hoppin’ mad”.

The Raid 2 400000 Points


If you haven’t seen The Raid: Redemption, do yourself a favor. It is one of the best pure action movies around. For the few who knocked it, the complaints were that the story was basic. Well my friends, Raid 2 kicks that right out of the equation. Our hero must go deep into the criminal underworld to track down corrupt cops, who are working with top criminals. How he goes about it, and the trials and tribulations along the way, are engaging. Great dialogue and acting, so when the next action scene arrived, you were pumped. A notable set piece is this epic freeway/fight which rivals The Matrix Reloaded. Battles are well choreographed with a final scene that is an instant classic. Fans of Martial Art Movies, simply cannot lose. Raid Star Iko Uwais, is the future of this genre. Period.

Game of The Month: Trials Fusion 300000 Points

Check out my review of this well designed sequel.

Wrestlemania XXX 200000 Points


It was one of the best WM’s in years. The show opened with a classic exchange of words between Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan. Hogan accidentally announced that the event was live from the “Silverdome”, when he was supposed to be saying “Superdome”. Rock and Austin let him have it. A really funny segment. Many things from that night still stand out. The true people’s choice would finally get his due. A very strong main event saw Daniel Bryan finally capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an epic triple threat match. A shocking moment took place earlier in the evening. The Undertaker’s wrestlemania streak was broken by Brock Lesnar. I guess if it was to be, let it happen by a legitimate BA. Lesnar is a former UFC Champion and taker is up in his years. When a storyline was locked into place for over 20 years, it’s still tough to see it end. Especially like that. The match was so-so, but the stunned crowd reactions were classic.

Trailer of the Month 100000 Points 

We got a glimpse of what a true take on Street Fighter could actually be. Web-series ‘Assassin’s Fist’ will Star Ryu and Ken. Learn about their heroic rise to becoming one of gaming’s best duos. This trailer brings the focus on one man, and his world-famous hadoken. We’re confident in the series, since it’s made by the SF Legacy crew. The battle begins this month!

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WWE 2K14 Review


Real Talk By: KJ

Here is the first WWE title officially underneath the 2K branding. 14′ is a game that ill admit, seemed like the same game. Continue reading “WWE 2K14 Review”

‘WWE 2K14’ Brings 30 Years of Wrestlemania magic

Reported By: KJ

Witness the mode that will solidly your preorder decision. Its “30 years of WrestleMania”. Gamers will relive the greatest moments of this wrestling tradition. Retire Ric Flair, Slam Andre the giant, Rock bottom John Cena. If the same care is put into this mode as the Attitude Era from WWE 13′, we’ll have ourselves another great grappling experience. October 29th is the release date, it’s coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 this year.

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E3 2012: WWE ’13

Real Talk By: KJ

CM Punk graces the cover of this year’s grapplefest. THQ plans to incorporate more realism into this years title. One of the things that stood out from last years game was its stealer presentation. Even that is getting an improvement. Commentary, and the crowd interaction even better. One of the things that separates Raw from Smackdown is that its taped live. Watching any sporting event and hearing unfiltered chants, and interactions really add to the experience. They need to capture this in ’13, and apparently they will.
Lets face it, while Universe mode had extreme longevity, last year’s story mode…not so much. THQ looks to fix this by relying on the past. The story mode will focus around the attitude era. You’ll relive the major moments. The Monday Night Wars are happening all over again. Only the best modern wrestlers and no bs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and everyone that had a pivotal part in this golden era of wrestling. CM Punk, Sheamus, Undertaker, Mankind, Chris Jericho, Big Show and Mark Henry are locked in as well.
WWE ’13 drops October 30th 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii