Let’s Talk About Stadia | PLP023

So the gaming challenge from last week didn’t go so well… More on this inside the Latest Play Legit Podcast ✊🏾👾🎧

G4 is Returning, but in what way?

How can this brand bounce back, and stick around for good?

Link To Article Mentioned on this episode: https://playlegit.net/2012/10/30/building-a-video-game-tv-network/

RECOGNIZE: The Play Legit Indie Game Spotlight shines on TinyBuild and Casey Donnellan Games LLC’s “Kill It With Fire”. This title allows players an opportunity to take on a Spider with ridiculous objects.🕷

Koerri and KJ finally discuss Google’s gaming brand Stadia. Has this cloud-only “system” started to make waves in this gaming industry pool?