Death Stranding release date revealed and more!

The official release date for Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated Death Stranding has been announced! PlayStation’s official YouTube channel has released a new video detailing its November 2019 release. Several questions gamers have been asking since the title was announced at e3 in 2016 are semi answered in the video and we also get a deeper look into the world and pivotal characters of Death Stranding.

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A Matter of Trust

Real Talk By: Haggy

There has been issues with trusting Game Developers and Publishers ever since gaming became bigger.  Earlier examples of this could be Atari having little care to the quality control of their early titles.  A more recent example being Ubisoft consistently rushing their products to the market. Continue reading “A Matter of Trust”

Play Legit’s ‘Trailer of The Week’ goes to the ‘Sly Cooper Movie’

Sony and Rainmaker Studios have joined up to bring us their adaptation of a treasured franchise. This CGI Sly Cooper film is arriving in 2016. Some have complained about the character designs. We’re just happy Hollywood is beginning to care about video game movies. What are your thoughts? Will this flick remain faithful to the series?

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