What’s Good? Week of 8/17/17

Real Talk By: KJ

Sonic Mania is a quick rush of 90’s magic.  From the visuals to stellar music included, this has caught the attention of many.  Critics and fans alike are enjoying Sonic’s return to form.  I completed the game, so be on the lookout for our  review coming very soon. Sonic Forces has big competition.  PlayStation is leading the charge this week with easily the strongest new release lineup. Continue reading “What’s Good? Week of 8/17/17”

Is 2017 The Year of Platformers?

The Mission is Starting:

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1. Is 2017 The Year of Platformers? This discussion gets real.

2. Outstanding Games that have stood The Test of Time

3. Ultimate Tekken 7 Hype

New Series “Mission 3” features Three Participants, and Three Goals. Can Koerri, KJ, and Knowledge complete the mission?

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The Coin-Op Question: What is Your Favorite Sonic Game?

Real Talk By: KJ

After viewing the Sonic Mania trailer, I was instantly reminded of the glory days.  Memorable soundtracks, levels, and abilities.  The older titles did a tremendous job of blending speed and strategy.  Not an easy feat to capture but Sega did it well.  How about the Dreamcast run? Sonic was back with an edgier presentation, and a theme song I listened to more than I like to admit.  To aid in your quest, Ms. Throwback has listed her Top 5.  So many entries in his 25 year existence.  Let’s focus on the good times. Continue reading “The Coin-Op Question: What is Your Favorite Sonic Game?”