Monthly High Scores I May 2013

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Reported By: KJ and Steph-O

The Play Legit Fam is ranking not only the Game of the Month, and Trailer,  but other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade cabinet. Who Earned the most points? See where everything landed. Check out the Monthly High Scores of May 2013. This is the first month, where a video game didn’t receive top honors.

High Score Winner: Fast and Furious 6


It’s crazy for a film series to last this long without being rebooted (not counting the 1955 film of course). This is obviously the sixth movie, but the action and plot continues to improve. Watch the ending credit sequence (Omg! Please do). At this point the franchise has earned over 3 Billion dollars worldwide. Each film is a cash producer. This movie was filmed with not only sweet vehicular segments, but also great hand to hand combat. Vin Diesel and The rock of course put in work, while ex. MMA fighter Gina Carano brings her own spice. In what could be the best movie of the group, Fast 6 sits high as this month’s winner.

Xbox One Announcement


Ms. Throwback says: “Some people aren’t impressed with the name I for one find it to be a good fit for the competition. With names like Wii U and PS4 the name has to be short and sweet. Xbox One is short and it says exactly what it wants you to do. Use it as an all in one console for all your entertainment needs. ” Vex says: “We get the push towards home entertainment domination, but the lack of games was disappointing to say the least. I hope they got all this out of their system so they can focus on games at E3.” He continued by saying : “Overall I wanted games and got more of what I didn’t.” So were mixed at this site about the Xbox one. KJ gave his thoughts on The Player Gamer’s Ball. Whether you like it or not, its part of the next phase in gaming.

Star Trek Into Darkness


The sequel to Star Trek brought us even more dazzling visuals, which looked great in Real 3D, but it provided a meaningful story that planted seeds for things to come. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance was absolutely stellar. Were talking possibly an Oscar nod. His long rants about his past and the future, had us hanging onto every thing he said. His character was the best thing about this movie. A vicious villain to say the least. We look forward to the inevitable third outing. JJ Abrams, get to work. We’ve already waited four long years to see this one.

Game of the Month: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS


KJ said the Wii version felt like such a complete package, when playing solo sometimes, he forgot there was any multiplayer at all. “No DLC here, this is a finished game. Local 2 player is present though, but now it’s simultaneous.” While the graphical power isn’t as strong as the console version mentioned, the 3DS offers the unique visual effect and bonus stages. Of course the patented gameplay remains the same. It’s available now on the Nintendo 3DS.

Iron Man 3


This was a film in the eyes of normal movie goers that probably ended this trilogy well. Comic book fans though, ugh, not so much. Iron man 3 brings it with the strong performances of Robert Downey Jr. and crew. The action sequences were also well thought out. The problem was the major twist that was thrown into the film, it contradicts the first movie. This story change really only pissed off marvel’s readers, due to the major tweaks made of the source material. Even still, the good most certainly outweighs the bad. You could even pose the argument that the changes made are acceptable. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. At the end of the day, we have a third movie in a series that didn’t stink up the place.

Trailer of The Month: Sonic Lost World


New enemies, new moves, and new power-ups! Sonic Lost World will be the first of the three planned Nintendo-Sega partnership games. No release date yet, but planned for 2013, Sonic Lost World will be available for WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. Although not shown in the trailer, Sonic will apparently have to partner with his arch nemesis Dr. Eggman to defeat the Deadly Six!

Angry Birds Movie Announcement


On July 1, 2016 gaming sensation Angry Birds will move from touch screen to big screen. Rovio Entertainment first announced plans for a film adaptation of Angry Birds back in 2010, and now finally has a release date,  a distributor (Sony), and producers (John Cohen and David Maisel). It is not immediately obvious how this relatively simple game will be given an actual plot and storyline, but considering how massively popular the Angry Birds characters are it’s about time they got a back story!


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Trailer of the Week: Sonic Lost World

Real Talk by: StephO

This Trailer of the Week is the Sonic Lost World reveal trailer! It looks like we’ll be seeing the return of some familiar faces in addition to meeting some new ones. The same goes for game play, which appears to be a combination of the traditional Sonic spin-run-jump moves plus some new sky dive and free run moves that take advantage of the 3D levels. I am definitely excited to see more! Sonic Lost World will be available for WiiU and Nintendo 3DS later this year.



This claymation adventure game concept by Doug TenNapel (creator of Earthworm Jim!) looks like it will be chock full of TenNapel’s signature quirky sci-fi characters. TenNapel- teaming up with Pencil Test Studios -hopes to raise $900,00 on Kickstarter to make this game concept a reality. To find out more, visit the Kickstarter page and watch the trailer!