Black Review


Real Talk By: KJ

It was surprising Criterion Games took a break from The Burnout Franchise, especially considering how popular the series was.  The team would now give the FPS world a go.  Introducing: Black (2006) Continue reading “Black Review”

Why Isn’t John Wick A (Good) Game?

Real Talk By: Cmack Tha Don

Gamers have been forced to put up with many horrible film adaptations of video games, many so bad I won’t even mention them here so that readers won’t be reminded of the trauma. But tie-in video games, with only some small exceptions, can often be some of the worst scourge of the gaming world as well, with half-finished concept games rebranded to have a popular theme or characters in it, or rushed development to match the release of the movie or show it’s promoting. Continue reading “Why Isn’t John Wick A (Good) Game?”

Splatoon Review: Covered In Creativity

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

At first glance Splatoon (Wii U) seems like one of those strangely styled kids games that takes a second thought to buy.  It features characters called inklings which can switch between human and squid form depending on what mechanisms they are using to beat their opponents.  The third person shooter takes the player through several different stages where they will shoot multicolored ink over others and their surroundings, trying to cover as much territory as possible. Continue reading “Splatoon Review: Covered In Creativity”