Mission 3 Podcast: SEGA Franchises That Need to Return

Mission 3 is Play Legit’s Premiere Podcast for Gaming and Real Talk.

Mission 1: Destiny 2 Thoughts

Knowledge is definitely the most hyped for Destiny 2.  He breaks down the reveal trailer; providing ideas Bungie should implement.

Mission 2: Bethesda E3 2017 Preview

From RPG’s, To First-Person-Shooters, what will Bethesda have in store at this year’s Expo? This was the topic you awesome people voted for.

Mission 3: Sega Franchises We Want Back.

We name drop some classic titles from the company’s past, we’d love to see revived.

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Gaming’s Top 5 Ninja

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

Fruit Ninja.  The Ninja blender.  Despite supposedly being stealthy, Ninjas are seemingly everywhere nowadays, and they’re not leaving anytime soon.  The Ninja movie boom, kicked off from actors like Sho Kosugi in the 80’s,  started a huge worldwide interest in the Ninja as a sort of cult hero figure, and gaming definitely noticed.  Here today at Play Legit, we’re going to count off the Top 5 Ninjitsu Warriors in Gaming. Continue reading “Gaming’s Top 5 Ninja”