NiGHTS into dreams Re-Releasing This Fall

16 years later, this SEGA Saturn classic is hitting XBLA, PSN, and PC. (more…)

Mo Chocolate’s Three Worst Controllers of All Time

Real Talk By: Mo Chocolate

One of the accessories in the gaming industry that is not talked about enough or I feel is not being talked at all about, is one of the most important parts to any video game console. The Controller. It’s what’s allows the gamer and the game to bond together as one. It’s the link between both of them. For some reason the controller is not talked about much by gamers or industry professionals. When it is discussed about, it’s usually how much everyone hates it. Continue reading “Mo Chocolate’s Three Worst Controllers of All Time”

Attack of The Fan Films: Sonic The Hedgehog

Real Talk By: Bandit

Video game movies, for a lack of a better terms, are just plain garbage. It seems Hollywood only seems to see the industry as one giant dollar bill. It is really hard to sit back and watch them ruining great games to the crap we have seen on the big screen or straight to DVD. (more…)