Project x Zone Video Review

The 3DS mega crossover title finally hits stateside. KJ gives his thoughts on this RPG. it’s Project x Zone x Gaming x Real Talk. (more…)

Trailer of the Week: Sonic Lost World

Real Talk by: StephO

This Trailer of the Week is the Sonic Lost World reveal trailer! It looks like we’ll be seeing the return of some familiar faces in addition to meeting some new ones. The same goes for game play, which appears to be a combination of the traditional Sonic spin-run-jump moves plus some new sky dive and free run moves that take advantage of the 3D levels. I am definitely excited to see more! Sonic Lost World will be available for WiiU and Nintendo 3DS later this year.



This claymation adventure game concept by Doug TenNapel (creator of Earthworm Jim!) looks like it will be chock full of TenNapel’s signature quirky sci-fi characters. TenNapel- teaming up with Pencil Test Studios -hopes to raise $900,00 on Kickstarter to make this game concept a reality. To find out more, visit the Kickstarter page and watch the trailer!

Aliens Colonial Marines Review

whatisthat_lrgReal Talk By: KJ

Sega, Gearbox and Timegate studios team-up to bring us the latest alien title. The story is set after ‘Aliens’, but does it capture the spirit of the classic films? Yes, and no. Playing as Corporal Christopher Winter, your there to check out the U.S.S. Solaco, and search for any survivors aboard. The weapons sound, and some locations will feel similar to fans, but it stops right there. As far as the campaign goes it’s a sloppy rushed mess. For starters, Team A.I. could be a lot more useful. I was on the ground bleeding out, the game did one of its many glitches and froze my teammate. His arms were raised in the default position, the marine just watched me die.

To the games credit, it tries to create some of the scary “Oh snap!” moments from the films. The problem is players are quickly taken out of the experience from its flaws, so these moments fall flat. Safe to say Its more enjoyable stepping online. Levels are a linear experience. Point A to B shooting everything in site. It gets better when playing with four people or local 2 player split screen, but the missions still feel like chores.You’ll be shooting plenty of the same enemies over and over. The repetition is frustrating. It would be better if the visuals were impressive as the press photos, but this isn’t the case with Colonial Marines. Expect tons of Screen tearing, and frame rate dipping within this 5 hour campaign. I wasn’t expecting LA Noire quality lip synching, but even this left a lot to be desired. Its little presentational touches, which lesser known games get, that this doesn’t at all.


Guns lack detail, the Xenomorphs, player faces, look as if they’ve been ripped from a last gen title. Theres some areas players can go where it looks presentable, but it’s very inconsistent. With the Borderlands series being on the résumé of Gearbox, we hold this company to a higher standard. The studio specializes in multiplayer shooters, and this is where we’ve been told they completely have their hands in the development of Colonial Marines. Can the online save the game?

Customize your character. All species have their own camo, and skin variations. Unlock useful attachments for guns, and more player options. The character and perk adjusting will keep players entertained for a while. Multiplayer features a special Team Deathmatch variation of Aliens vs Marines. Gamers will play two rounds in each game (6 on 6). For one round you have access to three types of Aliens. One specializes in pouncing on foes, another one spits acid that slowly takes away HP. This is perfect for long-range attacks, plus landing a kill with this xeno can cause some cool death animations (The game has plenty of cool ones). The standard alien is very fast, but like all three, it’s very easily killed. The Alien can slash at marines causing decapitations and other limb losses. The other side has all the famous weapons from the films.

Players will be fully equipped for online play, maybe a little too-well. it feels a little unbalanced on the soldier side, because aliens get put down immediately, games sometimes turn into marine shooting galleries. At least players really have to change-up their strategies when controlling the Xenomorphs. Survival takes you and three others against waves of the baddest the game has to offer. Extermination has players eliminating all the alien pods and stopping their putrid reproduction methods. You have to set the bombs before the alien family hits the scene. Escape is the Left 4 Dead version of this game. Players must leave the area in one piece. The opposition must use their aliens properly. This L4D mode works well, but its only two levels. I will say getting from point A to point B in this is pretty fun. Its satisfying closing  the door on a human controlled alien, cutting them off. Were sure the publisher is holding back maps, so players will grab the Season Pass ($29.99).  Without a doubt, the Multiplayer outdoes the campaign. With that being said, in the games current state, it really doesn’t have the weight to garner dropping 60 dollars. Maybe a weekend play-through? Maybe.


Aliens Colonial Marines feels 100 percent rushed. This is embarrassing when you consider the game has been in development for 6 years. Since the Wii U version is getting a delay, maybe there’s time to save that console. SEGA should really take notes from the many reviews. The weapons are most likely the thing that will remind people of the films. Not much else. Look at the pictures in the review, but understand the in-game visuals are not up to that standard. We expect more out of Gearbox and Sega. This could have been one of this years major hits. As of right now, your better off buying a pre-owned copy of rebellion’s AVP. Was there too many cooks in the kitchen? What happened?

Aliens Colonial Marines Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Multiplayer has its moments


What’s Perpetrating?

-Graphics are a big disappointment

-Riddled with bugs

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Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure Retro Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure, was released in November of 1994 for the Sega Genesis and a short while later for the Super Nintendo. Growing up I played it on the SNES so it only seemed right I use that version of the game for my review, although the two versions are exactly the same on either console. More importantly however is the fact that this gem is now available on the Wii virtual console. You could take my word for it and go download it now. This one is an absolute no-brainier in my mind, an absolutely fun and insane title that will keep you laughing with giddy pleasure until the very end. Unfortunately many people in the gaming community may have missed out on this grade A title due to the timing of its release. Sonic and Knuckles and Earth Worm Jim were released the same year as Boogerman, creating a scenario where Boogerman fell through the cracks of favoritism.

Boogerman’s story begins with a fancifully disgusting plot-line. Snotty Ragsdale AKA Boogerman goes to check out a machine Professor Stinkbaum is working on creating. In no time all goes wrong, the machine explodes, Professor Stinkbaum lets out one hell of a sneeze opening the portal to god knows what. Snotty Ragsdale turns into his alter ego, Boogerman, and enters the portal without fear to investigate the situation. Okay…seriously, read that paragraph again. How could you not love this storyline. If I was about four years old that would be the most awesome story I ever heard, and even still playing it again brought out my inner child.

Once inside the world the Professor has created, we are introduced to fun and inventive characters and scenery, all created around the idea of mostly, snot. That’s right, a world of boogers, snot, farts, and burps. How does this get any better? The game is quality. There is a foreground to the game. Boogerman jumps onto the limbs of snot trees and hides behind them as he dashes across the screen. hold onto smiley snot ropes as you climb past your enemies. If you get bored with any of that, flush yourself down one of the randomly placed toilets to face the vulgar sewage underneath.

The art style of that game reminds me of Ren and Stimpy and the controls are fantastic to go along with it. Hold the fart button longer to make booger man strain with a giant plume of toxic flatulence, Turn your enemies into liquid waste with a burp from the lower bowels, and we mustn’t forget the simple task of digging deep into boogerman’s nose to flick the largest snotty mess you can find. The bosses are actually challenging, and as easy as it would’ve been to lower the quality of the game due to the stupidity of its nature, that’s not what this game is about. It’s actually quite challenging, impressive, and enjoyable.

Sound-wise and Graphically speaking the game does well for itself too, for its time this would’ve been one of the better looking games. As hilarious as it is to watch it’s still that much more fun to listen too. Fart noises, splashing made by all kinds of bodily fluids, and burps that shake the screen make the environment of the game more enjoyable. The music is serious but in a funny way. The rest of the game can’t be taken seriously and because of that the music seems totally out-of-place and completely in the right place all at the same time. To Boogerman everything is an action film and the music behind him reflects that hypocrisy.

Did I mention you could hock a loogie if you drink milk?

If you ever see this game anywhere for any system, or if you have a Nintendo Wii you should buy or download it without a second thought. This game is the true meaning of fun and it’s a game that should not be missed. People that got caught up in the awesome gaming year that was 1994 may have missed this title, but you owe it to yourself to go find this game and play it. It’s a treasure to behold.

Boogerman Gets


4.5 Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Art Style



What’s Perpetrating?

-People who are looking for more of a storyline may be disappointed.

 Nothing else. Jeez o peats will you just go download it!

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