Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Games of All Time

Real Talk By: The Wizard

Ask any retro gamer, and all but the most hardcore Nintendo fanboy will agree, the Sega Dreamcast was a great system. A lot of people will claim the only reason the Dreamcast is so great is due to the fact that it is incredibly easy to burn and play illegal game discs and emulators on. Don’t fall victim to their lie! The Sega Dreamcast was a system with a very diverse genre of titles to choose from. Continue reading “Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Games of All Time”

BA-BGM: Sonic Adventure

“Lost World”

This track is the epitome of a proper scores. The Lost World level in Sega Dreamcast’s Sonic Adventure was by no means the most difficult level ever, but the BGM made you feel differently. Continue reading “BA-BGM: Sonic Adventure”