The Coin-Op Question: What Is The Best Season Pass You’ve Ever Bought?

Real Talk By: KJ

A Season Pass in my eyes, should be a VIP service for gamers who take the extra plunge. This should include: Discounted Content, with everything to release post-game launch. Some companies get that, while others still continue to nickel-and-dime outside of their bundles. Continue reading “The Coin-Op Question: What Is The Best Season Pass You’ve Ever Bought?”

Trials Fusion Video Review (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PC)

KJ Reviews RedLynx’s Newest Dirt Bike Challenge. Can fusion measure up to the instant classics of the past? Or Does the future environment take us away from all the fun? All these answers and a side order of real talk awaits. (more…)

Get the Assassin’s Creed IV Season Pass

For $19.99 you can play as Adewale. His DLC Campaign will give players 3 additional gameplay hours. Also with the pass you’ll get an Exclusive Kraken Ship Pack. It will include more missions from the main story and weapons. Season pass ballers will also receive some exclusive multiplayer skins. For more details, check out this new trailer.

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