Magical Chase Retro Review

Real Talk By: The Wizard

Magical Chase is a Hu-Card released for the PC Engine in Japan in 1991, and released for the American Turbo Grafx-16 in the very last day of December in 1993. It was developed by Palsoft, and distributed by a company called Quest. It is said to be the very last English Hu-Card released for the console. This article will be a review of the American version of the game, which I owned, and beat many times over in the late 90’s, and most recently a few weeks ago. Before we get started here is a little excerpt direct from the English manual to get you up to date on the story. Continue reading “Magical Chase Retro Review”

Tekken 3 Retro Review

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

Tekken 3 (PS1, Arcade) was my personal introduction to the series back in 1998  on the original PlayStation.  I think for many gamers that was the case as well, as it sold 8.5 million copies worldwide and was the 5th best-selling Playstation game of all time. Continue reading “Tekken 3 Retro Review”

Mario Tennis Retro Review (N64, Wii U)

Real Talk By: KJ

My introduction to Mario Tennis was through a local McDonald’s of all places.  Though it provided shoddy service at best, as a kid I was able to look past it. Pokémon Stadium, Excitebike 64, Wave Race 64, and the game we’re reviewing today all demoed on separate TVs. This was an elite set-up.  The timed demos would cut you off after a while.  It would reset, my friends and I would wait.  Go right back at it again.  Fast-forward fifteen years, and we are still playing this game.  Why is that? Continue reading “Mario Tennis Retro Review (N64, Wii U)”

Friday The 13th Retro Review (NES)

Real Talk By: The Ax

There’s something about 80’s horror movies that stays with us, at least in a pop-culture manner of speaking. The current gaming trend of taking something that was once very good and bringing out yearly renditions that fail to stand up to the original few (I’m looking at you, Assassin’s Creed) is a pattern that mirrors that of the famous horror franchises of the 80’s-90’s: Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and of course, Friday the 13th. The iconic machete wielding undead serial killer donning a goalie mask just won’t die, in more ways than one. With 12 films (including the reboot and awfully funny Freddy vs Jason), Jason is one of the most prolific fictional baddies that endures across decades. His inclusion in the recent Mortal Kombat X has piqued PlayLegit’s interest in going back to Mr. Voorhees’ gaming roots: the infamously difficult and rather pointless Friday the 13th NES game. How does it hold up after 26 years?
Continue reading “Friday The 13th Retro Review (NES)”

The Guardian Legend Retro Review (NES)

Real Talk By: The Wizard

If you’ve played through a lot of the NES library and are looking for something different, today we will be reviewing The Guardian Legend. This is somewhat of a hybrid developed by Compile way back in 1988. It takes 2 great genres, Action RPG and SHMUP, and attempts to meld them together to create one great game. Continue reading “The Guardian Legend Retro Review (NES)”

I Beat Castlevania NES


Real Talk By: The AX

I fondly remember the days sitting in front of an old CRT TV, with my little brother in our basement. We played a ton off NES games. Blades of Steel, Bucky O’Hare, Little League World Series and Bayou Billy were among the regulars played Continue reading “I Beat Castlevania NES”