Return of the Mack | PLP026

Welcome To The Play Legit Podcast.

•Koerri talks about what’s been going on with him lately. An appearance on CNN, T-Shirts, all that and more.

•Ubisoft Forward 2 Dropped with some exciting and unexpected announcements.

•Nintendo featured a Mario themed direct. The Big N’s mascot is back, if you can get a hold of him.

•Netflix’s High Score Reviewed. KJ streamed the whole series. What’s the word?


•Hey G4, Koerri Elijah and KJ are reaching out to you! This is why they need the Legit Fam on their roster.

•Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1&2 Reviewed. Does this remake deliver?

•Xbox Series S is $299 and The Series X is $499. Both drop November 10th, 2020. What does this mean for Sony?

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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Start The Countdown

Real Talk By: The AX

Today is a cause for much jubilation amongst us horror mongers. For those who haven’t heard, Capcom formally announced our beloved Resident Evil 2 is getting a full remake! While this may or may not be related to incredible fan reaction to the FFIIV remake, the cause for celebration should be no less anticipated. This, my friends, is the news survival horror fans have much-needed since the infamous cancellation of Silent Hills. Continue reading “Resident Evil 2 Remake: Start The Countdown”