Gaming’s Top 5 Ninja

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

Fruit Ninja.  The Ninja blender.  Despite supposedly being stealthy, Ninjas are seemingly everywhere nowadays, and they’re not leaving anytime soon.  The Ninja movie boom, kicked off from actors like Sho Kosugi in the 80’s,  started a huge worldwide interest in the Ninja as a sort of cult hero figure, and gaming definitely noticed.  Here today at Play Legit, we’re going to count off the Top 5 Ninjitsu Warriors in Gaming. Continue reading “Gaming’s Top 5 Ninja”

Ranttable: Our Favorite Mortal Kombat Characters Ever

In its long history, the world of Mortal Kombat has brought us everything from Wizards, Man-Dragons, Drunken Fighters, Demons, to even Robots. Yes this is a franchise not afraid to try new things.  We see that even to this day in MKX.  The Play Legit Crew decided it was time to finally unveil our favorites. Continue reading “Ranttable: Our Favorite Mortal Kombat Characters Ever”