Ranking Series: The Forgotten Multiplayer List

The Ranking Series Rolls on.  KJ lists 5 games that had a solid multiplayer component, but may have been overlooked for various reasons. Continue reading “Ranking Series: The Forgotten Multiplayer List”

The Forgotten Multiplayer List


Real Talk By: KJ

Multiplayer from games sometimes are completely overshadowed by a AAA Single Player mode. The entire game could even be passed over, due to poor marketing or other reasons. Here are some games featuring an Online multiplayer component, that went under the radar or received little recognition.

5. Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Regardless of the Robot you chose, everyone had a unique ability. Of course like the series, the top-tier AutoBots and Decepticons will have a bit of an edge. Megatron had a special gun that players would hold-in and charge. If it connected their opponent was instantly destroyed.  Mode “One Shall Stand” pit the decepticon ruler on one side against Optimus Prime’s crew. The factions would have to protect the leader. This mode isn’t anything new, but when you throw Transformers into the mix it’s a game-changer. Oddly enough, as much fun as the multiplayer was, the single player is absolutely abysmal. We can see why the online play was overshadowed, and this was a movie tie-in after-all.

4. 007: Quantum of Solace

While the graphics weren’t really a show of any system’s power, the gameplay was pretty tight. 007’s Multiplayer component played almost identical to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. So you can get COD gameplay for a fraction of the price, and it’s a movie tie-in too? Crazy huh? Safe to say the gunplay was satisfying. Maps were actually really well designed. Perfect for shootouts. Some could have easily passed for maps in Activison’s number one series. The single player really isnt that bad. You play through the events of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. One of the features QOS had that COD still doesn’t is a cover system. It works insanely well in this title.

3. Saints Row

Before the spaceships, dubstep guns, and other unmentionables, Saints Row kept it street. There was a mode titled ‘Protect The Pimp’. In PTP, one player on your team was the P. You had to get he or she to their destination in one piece. the opposing team had to stop the pimp. You died one time that was it. If you were given the Purple Hat, you had no other weapons except your backhand. If the player did connect with a pimp slap, the enemy was killed instantly. The funny quotes the announcer shouted when you got slapped, made it hard not to laugh. On the flip side, the satisfaction when you were the pimp yourself was just as good. It was possible to slap more than one person. Slaps send enemies literally flying like a rag-dolls through the air. This was SR at it’s finest. We At Play Legit miss the old days.

2. hybrid

This was strictly a multiplayer game, but it really deserved more recognition. Scribblenauts developers 5th Cell took a break from sketching, to bring us a satisfying shooter, with clean visuals. 3v3 made it that everyone had to do their job. Different weapons and upgrades ensured variety. Maps where limited, but the gameplay was polished. You picked a side and remained loyal to it. The issue was if your friends picked the opposite side, there was no way to change back until the season was over. Decisions, Decisions.

1. Condemned 2: BloodShot

This had an immersive Single Player mode already, but the multiplayer definitely went under appreciated. The Hand to Hand combat was pretty satisfying online or off. Firearms had limited ammo, but you didn’t care considering you could knock somebody in the face with a Bat or Wrench. Weapons had unique execution animations. How embarrassing was it to be slain by a toilet seat? I’ll tell you, it was pretty bad. The creepy setting of the game made it intense. Darker frighting levels, limited health, you get the idea. Character skins were all fearsome. They looked like cast members from “You’re Next”. This was a scary brawl and a series we’d like to see return. With improved motion devices in existance now, a Condemned 3 doesn’t feel far-fetched at all.

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