8-Bit Troll: Stage 15 “Digimon No”

Gremlik here! Still not home.  Beer Can Billy put Pokémon Go on my flip phone, and I still haven’t figured out how to get it off.  Thing is the abyss won’t let you enter if you’re being tracked #Conspiracy.  We don’t want the CIA to know where the abyss is.  I have prized bootlegs of Family Matters seasons 1 through 4, I’d hate to do hard time for that again.  Prison food sucks.  I did enjoy the various clothing options though.  And Goober, stop telling people I’m a Pokémon! Sometimes you want to have a Roach Sandwich in-peace without someone snapping a picture.  July stuff go. Continue reading “8-Bit Troll: Stage 15 “Digimon No””

The 5 Strangest Video Game Characters Ever


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback (Heather Kiley)

Having a memorable character in a game is something that’s hard to come by.  You have to come up with its signature look, its appeal, what behavior it will exhibit, and most importantly it’s personality.   Continue reading “The 5 Strangest Video Game Characters Ever”