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Tangram Attack! Review: Puzzle Slicing and Dicing (3DS)


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Tangram Attack is a simple slicing puzzle game. The title is available exclusively through Nintendo’s Eshop download store and as usual puzzle style games, starts with a simpler layout leading into more challenging stages. Tangram Attack makes good use of the 3DS touch screen, making the intricate swipes that are needed easy to navigate. Timed stages and zero mistake applications add even more challenge for the player.

Academy mode starts the player off as a white belt with the last goal of becoming a fourth-degree black belt. Earning each new belt in the proper order is achieved by completing four tasks. As a new belt is earned an extra shape per puzzle is added to create a deeper dynamic for the player. The shapes that are added can looked deceivingly similar to previous additions tricking the player into a false slice and ending the ability to move onto new stages.

Most of my time was spent completing the challenges of academy mode. Once I was past the first tutorial phase, the challenge of the game was quite addictive and satisfying. The tutorials seem a bit drawn out for a simple puzzle title. I felt that shortened versions of them, would have sufficed in giving me what I needed to continue completing stages.

“Fruit Ninja For The Brain!”

The title also includes three other modes, a play until you lose, arcade, and time trial modes. These classic modes, found in most puzzle titles, are what gives Tangram Attack it’s replay value. Once academy mode is over you need stuff to do, and thankfully TA delivers. The addictive nature of the game made play more than once. I will always enjoy a good go until you lose round. Also competing with your own high scores rarely gets old. Badges can also be earned in these modes when certain tasks are achieved creating a satisfying feeling that continues long after the campaign mode is over.

In the world of video games, puzzle titles have had their highs and lows. We’ve had the likes of many versions. When it comes to puzzle games, it’s all about the addictive nature and fun of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed his title. Surprisingly the visuals and music were even better than expected, and for a cool $2.99 it’s definitely worth the price. It’s a great pick up and play and an awesome distraction in a boring place.

Tangram Attack! Gets


3.5 out of Five

What’s Legit?
+Addictive and fun
+Nice use of the touch screen
+Surprisingly good visuals and music

What’s Perpetrating?

-Campaign mode is short
-Tutorials are too long

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