Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review: Class Heroes (PS4, XO)

Real Talk By: KJ

Final Fantasy Type-O HD is a port of the PSP version. This is clear in more ways than one.  Most of the environments, enemies, and NPC’s appear as if they were directly ripped from the handheld. Continue reading “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review: Class Heroes (PS4, XO)”

Play Legit Best of 2010: The Complete Stats

Those who watched The Game of The Year Special are aware of the winning results. How about the runner ups? What was the exact percentages that each game won by? Also find out how close the runner ups came, or how far away they truly were. All stats are now revealed, and even a few more categories that didn’t make the show. Happy New Year and stay legit. Continue reading “Play Legit Best of 2010: The Complete Stats”

Viewer’s Choice: Game of The Year Special 2010


Your votes have been tallied. Now it’s time to see which games you voted as the very best. Categories include: Best PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and much much more. Also, find out what was the biggest disappointment this year, leading up to the Overall best title of 2010. We thank you for voting. “It’s a Celebration.” (more…)