Trailer of The Week 1/30/11

So here it is. Sony’s brand new handheld Codenamed NGP (Next Generation Handheld) has been announced. With graphical capabilities that will rival the PS3, the only thing that I can say is Amazing. This was smart to announce the handheld before the 3DS really gets going. Competition is great, the consumer will Continue reading “Trailer of The Week 1/30/11”

Play Legit Best of 2010: The Complete Stats

Those who watched The Game of The Year Special are aware of the winning results. How about the runner ups? What was the exact percentages that each game won by? Also find out how close the runner ups came, or how far away they truly were. All stats are now revealed, and even a few more categories that didn’t make the show. Happy New Year and stay legit. Continue reading “Play Legit Best of 2010: The Complete Stats”

Viewer’s Choice: Game of The Year Special 2010


Your votes have been tallied. Now it’s time to see which games you voted as the very best. Categories include: Best PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and much much more. Also, find out what was the biggest disappointment this year, leading up to the Overall best title of 2010. We thank you for voting. “It’s a Celebration.” (more…)

Best Games of 2010 Final Round


Here is the final ballot. Choose wisely. No Bandwagon votes. Pick the title you really think is the most elite. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft’s fates, will be revealed on the show. Make your voice heard, make it heard on your site. Vote often, tell your friends, and Continue reading “Best Games of 2010 Final Round”

The Handheld Battle Rages On

Real Talk By: J. Valdez

So a while ago, I think a week before E3, or maybe even during E3, Nintendo announced that it won the war against Sony in the handheld department. That from then on, it would focus on a new competitor, the iOS devices. Let me go back in time a bit and go through some history, it may be a little hazy, Continue reading “The Handheld Battle Rages On”

Fly Fu Review


Real Talk By: KJ

The Newest Mini game Fly Fu is a side scrolling beat-em-up. You are a very skilled Martial artist named McFly. McFly’s girlfriend Kate Moth has been kidnapped. Your girl has been grabbed by evil Spiders and other small creatures that can be stepped on. Continue reading “Fly Fu Review”