Play Legit Podcast Ep.16 PlayStation 5: Next Gen Rising



The PlayStation 5 has been revealed! This conference absolutely delivered for a specific type of gamer.  Koerri and KJ give their unbiased thoughts on this huge presentation. Check out the ups and downs. They list The Top 3 Games from the event.  What is your most anticipated game on PS5? This conference absolutely delivered for a specific type of gamer. It’s The Play Legit Podcast! The place where Gaming and Real Talk converge.

Play Legit Podcast Ep. 15: The Sega Game Gear Micro Crazy Reveal

Koerri Makes a positive impact in the community, while skateboarding!

Our hosts give their hot picks for Arcade1up future releases. With a WiFi enabled NBA Jam Arcade Cabinet on the way, what other big arcade titles would guarantee success? Step into The Throwback Future.

Universal Studios is setting up for Super Nintendo World. Will this theme park be worth the price of Admission?

Grab your magnifying glass and batteries for the Game Gear Micro reveal. What is going on Sega? Also what year is this again?

PlayStation 5. KJ and Koerri bring up some key questions that have yet to answered by Sony. The official reveal may be on hold, but we know what needs to be uncovered!

Real Talk Ahead. It’s The Play Legit Podcast!”