NieR: Automata Review: Android Trifecta



Real Talk By: Wesley Amrine

Reviewed on PS4, Available on PC

The year was 2017 and gamers everywhere were faced with a choice.  Maybe one of the hardest choices ever.  Do I buy a Nintendo Switch for the newest entry in The Legend of Zelda? Should I buy multiple RPG’s for the PS4 or Xbox One, waiting for a wider variety of games to arrive for the Switch? Now if you’re like me you may have chosen the latter.  With games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 coming out on PS4 within a few short months of each other, you may have missed another great release: NieR: Automata. Now I know that NieR: Automata was rated very highly by the critics and they may have already swayed you, but let me give those still on the fence that final push. Continue reading “NieR: Automata Review: Android Trifecta”

E3 2017 Power Ten

Community Article

As our E3 2017 coverage comes to a close,  we at Play Legit have released our Power 10 Rankings.  This means games that we want to play right this instant.  If every title listed dropped today, we would be in line waiting.  Continue reading “E3 2017 Power Ten”

Neighborhorde Review: Friendship Party

Real Talk By: KJ

Fermenter Games gives us a title designed to keep people unified.  Here I am playing as a Duck, throwing basketballs at Ninjas.  Welcome to the world of Neighborhorde.  It’s all about The 4-Player Experience.  Huddling-up is actually rewarded.  Players who fight inside the “Friendzone” will have a higher success rate.  Face off against some truly insane enemy types.
Continue reading “Neighborhorde Review: Friendship Party”

Tokyo 42 Review: A New Perspective

Real Talk By: Haggy

In a futuristic Tokyo, where death has almost been cured and the Assassin’s business has never been so accepted or profitable, the player finds themselves embroiled in a plot for a crime they didn’t commit.  A murder someone didn’t come back from.  After a daring escape, the player and their friend must figure out which Assassin used them as the scapegoat.  Climb the food chain to find out who did it. Continue reading “Tokyo 42 Review: A New Perspective”

What’s Good? Week of 5/24/17


Real Talk By: KJ

No spoilers here, but I certainly enjoyed Samurai Jack Season 5.  Love how all the story elements tied together.  The perfect blend of action, comedy, and stunning art.  My DVR was jam-packed with Martial Arts Content.  Surprise hit Into The Badlands had its finale as well.  Talk about some explosive fight scenes. Happy to hear AMC picked it up again, with 16 Episodes to boot.  Also, Dragon Ball Super Continues to sizzle.  Things started a bit slow, but I’m glad to have stayed with it.  Far as gaming is concerned, My Shopping Cart was heavy, yet my wallet was barely touched.  I took full advantage of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale.  Grabbed several goodies at absolute bargain prices. Continue reading “What’s Good? Week of 5/24/17”

NBA PlayGrounds Review: A Different Jam

Real Talk By: KJ

Arcade Fun returns! It’s been a few years since NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Released.  Even longer since EA has given us any kind of NBA Street.  Saber Interactive is stepping-in with NBA Playgrounds.  The house of Shaq-Fu 2 brings us a 2v2 sports game available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Characters are limited at the start.  Open Card Bundles, and reveal new players.  Progression through Playgrounds unlocks Gold Tiered Packs.  The results are always random.  Repeat cards will garner experience points.  Playgrounds doesn’t force fans to pick team-specific lineups, freely pick whoever.  As of this writing 150 athletes can be unlocked.  Not all marquee players (Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant), but there’s still a solid amount of throwback and new school participants.  Shaq and Allen Iverson lead the charge. Continue reading “NBA PlayGrounds Review: A Different Jam”

Tumbleseed [Switch] Review: You See Me Rollin’

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

My recommendation of Tumbleseed comes with a warning: It takes work to like this game. But aren’t games supposed to be a reprieve from work? Yes, ideally games will whisk you away, help you de-stress and administer a steady shot of dopamine straight to the brain. That delicious feeling of reward is there, but only after much determination to master the controls. Continue reading “Tumbleseed [Switch] Review: You See Me Rollin’”

Mission 3 Podcast: Gamers Gotta Eat!

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1. The Xbox Scorpio Situation

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3. Underrated 7th Gen Titles (PS3, XB360, and Wii Era.)

New Series “Mission 3” features Three Participants and Three Goals. Can Koerri Elijah, KJ, and Knowledge complete the missions?

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