Pokken Tournament From a Fan’s Perspective


Now I take a look at the newest video game in the Pokémon series.  Does it hold up after all this hype? Lets find out!  Check out KJ’s review for extra Pokken coverage . Continue reading “Pokken Tournament From a Fan’s Perspective”

Pokken Tournament Review: Evolved Fighting

Real Talk By: KJ

I respect the Pokémon fan base, and fully understand its popularity.  Personally, i have had a hard time getting into the series.  Played and enjoyed Pokémon Red, but that’s far as it went.  There were rumblings of an experiment.  Namco x Nintendo would join forces, combining this popular series with the Tekken fighting engine.  Would this combo work? Have I seen the light? Enter Pokken Tournament. Continue reading “Pokken Tournament Review: Evolved Fighting”

Screenshot Explosion! Pokken Tournament


Check out these nifty screenshots from the Tekken engine-powered Pokken Tournament. The game is still on the way for Japanese arcades this year. If Nintendo and Namco/Bandai are fans of big money, then we should expect a Wii U port down the road as well. Will this unlikely game capture the magic of the popular franchise? It’s a Screenshot Explosion! Continue reading “Screenshot Explosion! Pokken Tournament”