Battlezone [PSVR] Review: No Tanks

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

My first time playing this reboot from Rebellion was on the sampler disc that comes with the PSVR. Yes, something as ‘futuristic’ as VR comes with a demo disc. While I had limited knowledge of the original Battlezone, I had zero nostalgia or expectations heading in. Battlezone makes a strong first impression, and proposes a style of game in VR that works well; It is like a slow first person shooter, broken up into bite-sized levels, with limited mobility so you don’t immediately puke. You sit inside a massive tank, and it really does convey the size well in VR. You can look around at all the switches and screens and really feel like you’re there. The first time you gain control over your tank and you roll out onto the surface of some alien planet, it’s a convincing moment. Unfortunately, the potential the world suggests never fully materializes. Continue reading “Battlezone [PSVR] Review: No Tanks”