Guacamelee! is a PS3/Vita Cross Buy

This unique Luchador Platform/Brawler is making its way to Sony’s console very soon. (more…)

Dishonored Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Dishonored is my pick for Trailer of the Week- and if the game is as high quality as its trailer, then it’s bound to be a good! The music and tone of the trailer fit perfectly with the Dishonored art style, and although the trailer is a bit melodramatic, it looks like they used plenty of in-game footage (not to mention great game reviews) to keep it grounded. Dishonored is available now for PS3, Xbox 360, and MS Windows.

Also be sure to check out  The Walking Dead Episode 4, last week’s winner!

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Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Pinball Trailer

“Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles has been confirmed for a June 19th release for Marvel Pinball on PSN for PS3 in North America, and June 20th for Pinball FX2 on XBLA and Marvel Pinball on PSN for PS3 in Europe!”

You will collect all the gems while battling the villain, helping the Silver Surfer defeat this cosmic goon. Each gem will give the player special powers, sending them into a special wizard mode. Thats why we love Zen studios, pinball is serious business when its made by these chaps.