The Greatest black video game characters of all time | PLP 018


Koerri & KJ are back to cover the greatest black video game characters of all time! Before they get to the heart of the podcast Koerri takes time to take credit for the revival of Skate. KJ wasn’t really feeling EA Play but is hyped for Crash 4, Sonic is selling energy drinks plus more during the Play Legit Podcast!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review: Playing With Power

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

Nintendo’s Joy Cons are a great solution for the modular nature of the Switch, but pick up a PS4 or Xbox One controller and you’ll notice the difference immediately— Bigger buttons, more expressive analog sticks, and a more premium feel overall. Sony and Microsoft have both decided to double down on their previous controller designs while Nintendo seems to change it up every generation, sometimes leading to inferior products. For example, the Wii U Pro Controller gave the tactile feel of a “normal” controller, but it felt cheap and didn’t have a satisfying weight. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review: Playing With Power”

Mission 3 Podcast: SNES Mini Special Edition

All Three Missions are centered around the SNES Mini.  We list 30 games that would be perfect for the system.  The Agent’s Choice poll took place also.  You decided which SNES peripheral was the best! Was it The Super Game Boy, Super Scope 6, or Multitap? We have The results.  This is one Podcast you can’t miss. Continue reading “Mission 3 Podcast: SNES Mini Special Edition”

Blogger Recognition Award

Real Talk By: KJ

I would like to thank everyone at for the Nomination.  Follow that blog for some unique takes on the gaming industry, and great PC Coverage.

Here are The Award Rules:

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How did my blog start? Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

Our Favorite Video Game Publications From The Past

PL Agent, The Mission has Started:

Will you accept?

Loading Objectives…

1. AR or VR Gaming?

2. Favorite Video Game Characters

3. Favorite Publications of The Pasts

New Series “Mission 3” features Three Participants and Three Goals. Can Koerri, KJ, and Haggy complete the mission?

Continue reading “Our Favorite Video Game Publications From The Past”

Is 2017 The Year of Platformers?

The Mission is Starting:

Loading Objectives…

1. Is 2017 The Year of Platformers? This discussion gets real.

2. Outstanding Games that have stood The Test of Time

3. Ultimate Tekken 7 Hype

New Series “Mission 3” features Three Participants, and Three Goals. Can Koerri, KJ, and Knowledge complete the mission?

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Slap On Titan: “The Crimson King” (NSFW)

Must be 17 and up to watch

“It’s gonna be hard to top this one.  The Survey Corps embarks on Operation Space Rainbow, only to encounter danger at every turn. Between titans, dysfunctional teammates, and a deadly new enemy, it’ll take a new hero to see humanity through. A hero named The Crimson King.”

This series features voices from your friends at PlayLegit.Net! Continue reading “Slap On Titan: “The Crimson King” (NSFW)”