A Slap on Titan Season 2 Trailer Provides Epic Laughs

Must be 17 and up

Here is the trailer for Season 2 of The Over-dubbed parody “Slap on Titan”. (more…)

Play Legit’s ‘Trailer of the week’ goes to an ‘Attack on Titan’ Parody Series


In this very special TOTW, our featured clip is from an overdubbed Parody series in post-production. It’s based on The Hit Anime ‘Attack on Titan’. Some of the Play Legit Crew lent their voices to this Project. Cmack, Hec G, and KJ were all mic’d up. This Project is Written and Directed By Tom Andre. Expect Season one of ‘A Slap on Titan’ to arrive March 7th, 2014 on Youtube.com/TomAndre.

Slap on Titan Official Trailer. Must be 17 and up to watch

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