8-Bit Troll: Stage 10 “Eye of The Lycan”

Gremlik here.  New Year’s was better than expected.  I payed-back Goober in-full for that Magic Mike prank.  Not only did i spoil the events of Star Wars Episode 7, i gave him a black eye for his troubles.  Now here’s January’s…Whatever… You put a title to it…
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The Coin-Op Question: Is The Oculus Priced Fairly?

KJ: It was announced today that the Oculus Rift will debut at $599, and hit the streets in March of 2016.  Hopefully developers will figure out a way to make this well-worth the pricing.  It would be a shame to think twice about making a massive purchase, especially when it’s already sitting in your home. Continue reading “The Coin-Op Question: Is The Oculus Priced Fairly?”

Eyes-On With The Oculus Rift


Real Talk By: KJ

Once we hit the graphical plateau in gaming, what’s next? Most likely Virtual Reality/Holographic styles of play. It’s crazy to think about. Yes we’re seeing the earliest stages in action already. But, Im talking about the day these items get out into the public. When they are as polished as the current gaming consoles. Well, I take a look at one of the most popular peripherals today: The Oculus Rift.  Continue reading “Eyes-On With The Oculus Rift”