Mission 3 Replay: Is It Too Late for No Man’s Sky?

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Tonight’s Hot Topics:

Mission 1: Is It Too Late for No Man’s Sky?

A new update claims to bring plenty to the table, but is it too late?

Mission 2: Best Game Voice Actors

We list a few of our favorites, and of course KJ goes on a Splinter Cell Rant.

Mission 3: Best Games of 2017 Thus Far

We give our personal top picks, strong contenders to Win Best of Honors this year.


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No Man’s Sky Review: Familiar Worlds

Real Talk By: T42

In this review I will be covering the game from two perspectives.  The first perspective will be purely just a game review, unbiased straightforward.  The second part of this review will cover the hype and criticism this game has received.  My final verdict will be based only on the first part of this review.  I feel that it is important to be honest and upfront with the reader, especially when it comes to a game like No Man’s Sky that has received many criticisms and opinions.  Let’s begin shall we?

No Man’s Sky is a single player exploration game set in a Sci-Fi universe with Billions of Planets to explore.  It features a simple crafting system in which you use to fix your ship, upgrade your equipment and even your survival suit.  The game’s main objective is to reach the center of the universe.  The PC version, for which this review is based on, can be played with either a controller or a keyboard and mouse.  Let me further explain that this is not a spaceship flight simulator game similar to games such as Elite: Dangerous or Evochron Legacy.  In fact this game is much simpler than that.  Although as I played the game the controls did feel funny especially when I wanted to land, the game makes it obnoxiously difficult to land which makes no sense to me considering part of the game’s mechanic is to fly the ship.  The game doesn’t offer much in the way of depth other than exploring and uncovering a mysterious language which helps in your conversations with other alien species.
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