Mission 3 Podcast #26: Do You Buy Sports Games Annually?


Play Legit Proudly Presents: The Mission 3 Podcast!

Tonight’s Hot Topics:

1. Koerri’s Chi-Town Comic Con Experience. 

2. Used Game Stories

3. Do you Annually Buy Sports Titles?


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Nintendo Direct 4/12/17 Highlight Videos

We were treated to a video of solid-looking 3DS titles.  Clips included multiple Kirby adventures celebrating his 25th anniversary.  Another notable reveal was of a new 2D-angled Pikmin game.  Big information about Arms and Splatoon 2 ahead.  Continue reading Nintendo Direct 4/12/17 Highlight Videos

A Matter of Trust

Real Talk By: Haggy

There has been issues with trusting Game Developers and Publishers ever since gaming became bigger.  Earlier examples of this could be Atari having little care to the quality control of their early titles.  A more recent example being Ubisoft consistently rushing their products to the market. Continue reading A Matter of Trust

Pokémon Go or No? The iOS Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

A small percentage of human kind are now in a life threatening survival situation, in which case they may not have heard of Pokémon Go, the latest app to absolutely sweep the world off of its feet. Continue reading Pokémon Go or No? The iOS Review

The Coin-Op Question: What Games Would You Like Announced @ E3 2016?

Real Talk By: KJ

Hey E3 is upon us.  Another year of the biggest gaming announcements.  We have one of our own.  Continue reading The Coin-Op Question: What Games Would You Like Announced @ E3 2016?

Star Fox Zero Review: Adapt

Real Talk By: KJ

Team Star Fox is back with a familar adventure.  Zero borrows the plot piece-by-piece from 64.  The team must take out the evil Andross and cleanse the galaxy.  Good thing this story reload is coming from a classic source.  Naturally this Fox Zero brings back fond memories.  Reworked quotes, and locations galore.  Some of the more famous sayings remain in-tact.  The mission start “Good Luck” audio bite, and what would this series be without peppy telling you to “Do a Barrel Roll!” Continue reading Star Fox Zero Review: Adapt

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Nintendo is at it again with its Zelda franchise.  They have a habit of teasing us with updated versions of past titles, while working on the most current installment.  We expect perfection, and they generally come close.  While I’m sad that I’m not reviewing a completely new game, I was extremely happy to play Twilight Princess again.  As with other titles in the series, there are no shortages made to the in-depth characters, vast environments, and funky story line which has made Zelda one of the most well thought about series of all time. Continue reading The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review