Nintendo NX Real Talk Thoughts

T-42: Nintendo NX rumors abound, A portable console being the biggest. What are your thoughts? This would answer so many issues of dealing with hardware for multiple devices like a handheld and a stand alone.  It could be all-in-one. Continue reading “Nintendo NX Real Talk Thoughts”

The Nintendo NX Uncovered

A Rep from the Big N wanted to give a preemptive plethora of information. This way players would not be over cumbered with news the next time a NDirect aired.

    Nintendo NX is the Next console that will scan, then insert Mario and his friends right into your brain. Your mind is now the controller.  Hold hands with your friends to play multiplayer games.  You can also project the image onto any crystal surface for onlookers to view as well.  This is made possible with the Virtual Boy 2.0 peripheral.
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