Play Legit Podcast 14: PAC-MAN’S 40 Years of Domination

Koerri and KJ celebrate the Powerful legacy PAC-MAN is responsible for, putting some respect on his name. State of Play for The Last of Us 2 went down and Koerri does his best to be fair while highlighting it. The fellers each give their choice for “The Greatest 80’s Arcade Game of all time”. Atari Cryptocurrency is kind of a thing, Koerri gives us a detailed take on this form of coin.  Also inside Episode 14, KJ reviews Indie Run-and-Gun Epic: Hunt down. 

A Matter of Trust

Real Talk By: Haggy

There has been issues with trusting Game Developers and Publishers ever since gaming became bigger.  Earlier examples of this could be Atari having little care to the quality control of their early titles.  A more recent example being Ubisoft consistently rushing their products to the market. Continue reading “A Matter of Trust”

Uncharted 3 Patch Released

As revealed today via Naughty Dog’s official website, Uncharted 3 has received its long-awaited patch. The download looks to address the aiming issues that have plagued the online modes since launch. Uncharted 3 – Patch 1.02 details below Continue reading “Uncharted 3 Patch Released”

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Video Review

Mo chocolate brings his comedic swag to Naughty Dog’s high-profile adventure game. Uncharted 3 looks to snatch the game of the year title away from the competition. Is the third time truly the charm?

We Gave Uncharted 3


Out of Five