Yooka-Laylee Review: Retro Duo

Real Talk By: Haggy

Brought to us by Playtonic Games and Team 17, Yooka-Laylee is the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie.  When I say spiritual successor, it might as well be the direct sequel.  It’s made by many of the same individuals.  Is it basically just a modern remastering/touch-up of old games, or do we have something fresh?
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Thumper [PSVR] Review: A Bad Trip That You’ll Take Again

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

In Thumper, you control a metallic beetle as it races along a glowing track that descends further and further into a digitized virtual hellscape. What begins as a looming anxiety that pervades your peripherals quickly transforms into a screaming cacophony of quick reflexes and heart-pounding rhythmic action. Continue reading “Thumper [PSVR] Review: A Bad Trip That You’ll Take Again”

BA-BGM: LA Noire


“LA Noire Main Theme” By Andy Hale

This is one of the “pimpest” pieces of music in video game history. I started many of my mornings and finished plenty of nights with this playing. 😉 The entire vibe of the game was captured in this one piece, that’s something seldom accomplished. Most pieces of music seem tacked on to a product, but in this rare arrangement and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. A classic in every sense of the word.

Mario Deep

Music producer Teddy Faley Mixed the old school tunes of Super Mario Bros, and blended it with classic Mobb Deep Tracks. The end result is a compilation known as Mario Deep.

Must be 17 and up To Listen

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