‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ Multiplayer Video Doubles the gore

Reported By: KJ

Check out the Gladiator Coop mode in Ryse: Son of Rome, shown at this year’s Gamescom. Players must keep the crowd entertained. There are multiple ways you and a buddy can make this happen. I would hate to be the guy at the end of the clip. Just saying.

 Are you getting Ryse: Son of Rome at launch?

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Assassin’s Creed: BrotherHood Review

Real Talk By: Vex

When did Assassin’s Creed 2 come out? Has it only been a year? Yes and yes. So going in to play Brotherhood I had my doubts about it’s quality. Considering they also added multiplayer to the mix, I feared the worst for the campaign, not to mention the online features. Continue reading “Assassin’s Creed: BrotherHood Review”

Aliens Vs. Predator Review

Real Talk By: Jenn

AVP has the perfect formula two great franchises in one game and an awesome storyline in both respective movies, but this game falls flat on it’s face. Aliens vs Predator has some really fun multiplayer element’s to be explored if you have buddies with mic’s but most people do not have the best teamwork and communication skills etc. you wont have much fun just randomly playing this game by yourself and joining room’s. Continue reading “Aliens Vs. Predator Review”