Summer 2012 Box Art Report Card

Hey folks, Steph-O here with the Summer 2012 Box Art Report Card. You can check out the box art reviews from earlier this year too: Spring 2012 Box Art Report Card, Winter 2011-2012 Box Art Report Card.

I know this cover is referencing the first Borderlands cover, which I usually award points for, but even though this is a heavily featured enemy character, I think Borderlands has so many other cool characters and creatures that they could have used (although some of them can at least be seen in the background of the cover). Overall though, Borderlands has an awesome art style that you don’t often see on game covers, which makes up for the subject matter in my book.

Borderlands 2 gets: MF MF MF M out of 5







Darksiders II has used an understated visual campaign for all of its game advertisements, and they have stuck with it for the game cover as well. I really like that we see a post-battle pose and background, which is complimented by the limited color pallet and clean visuals. Really sets the mood for the subject matter at hand (and leaves you wanting to see more by playing the game!)

Darksiders II gets: MF MF MF MF out of 5







As a non sports fan, I unfortunately do not have much to contribute to this cover. However, the fact that there is a fan vote to determine the player featured on the game’s cover is… pretty awesome. I will assume that since this cover was in some ways crowd-sourced, that Madden fans are for the most part happy with the result.

Madden NFL 13 gets:  MF MF MF out of 5







This follows the typical World of Warcraft box art design, while still having its own unique look (aka- features a panda). I am not sure why I find the red-brown color in the background a bit of an odd choice (I would have gone with a bamboo green maybe?) but the color is in fact used for the Panda character dwellings, as well as some clothing and weapons in the game, so I suppose it makes sense for that reason.

Mists of Pandaria gets: MF MF MF out of 5







So I said earlier that Borderlands’ stylized artwork was fairly unique for box art, and it’s true… so it’s exciting that Sleeping Dogs also has a unique art style for their cover (doubly so since the game itself looks very different). I’ve heard good things about Sleeping Dogs, so it looks like their box art is just the cherry on top of the Sleeping Dogs sundae.

Sleeping Dogs gets: MF MF MF MF M & Winner








Indie Shout Out: Mark of the Ninja
I like the dramatic pose and ninja-esque vibe of the cover, and the overall art style of this game is great. Also cool to see the ninja’s tattoo is featured, since it is actually part of the story!









Honorable Mention: Kirby’s Dream Collection
This year is Kirby’s 20th anniversary, and I have loved seeing the logo for the occasion all over, including the cover of Kirby’s Dream Collection. The different Kirbys in the background are also a nice reminder of the many Kirby games we have all enjoyed over the years.

WoW Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

This Trailer of the Week is the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria cinematic trailer. It’s a little more cheesy than I was expecting, but definitely entertaining! I laughed, I cried, I gaped at the beautifully rendered landscapes… Mists of Pandaria is set for release this September 25.

And for more action, check out last week’s – the Sleeping Dogs launch trailer.